Hello Everyone,


On Sunday May 15th we have a few fun things going on. First of all the 18’s Thunder will be playing our coaches. This is a fun exhibition for all ages to watch. This last fall the 18’s took the win, the coaches are wanting a rematch and it will happen around 5:30 pm at Jesuit. Please come and cheer for your coaches and/or the 18’s.

BLOW OUT              

This will be our 3rd annual year end Blow Out in-house tournament. It is a time that we as a club thank everyone for making the 2015-2016 season memorable. Everyone is divided up into 6 teams, these teams will include members from each team. (Rules will be explained the night of the tournament) Every player along with coaches will receive a t-shirt, players please try to come a little early to change into your tee since that will be how you will know what team you are on. We will play a mini tournament (1 game to 15 or 15 minutes whichever comes first). We would like to start play time as close to 6:30 pm as possible. At the close of the evening awards will be given out to each player. We will also take pictures afterwards, so please stick around for a while after awards.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pacific Volleyball Club.

Pacific VBC Oregon has been built and operated around and upon its all-important motto,

“…all about the player!”

Since 1996, we have shrived to present a program that truly is grounded upon this motto. Our goal has been and will always be to provide an enjoyable, safe and positive environment for our participants to pursue their dreams and goals for the sport that they all love. We strive to ensure that every single participant is impressed with the idea that volleyball is a team sport and it requires all members of the team to contribute in order to achieve success. As far as our organization is concerned, success is not measured in terms of medals and trophies but by the personal growth and the continued love for the game that each participant achieves. We are proud of the program we provide each player knowing that we have been a positive influence upon their collective future. Our priorities have and will always be defined by family first, school second and volleyball third.