Our Community Service Project


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                                                                                          Food Drive 2016

Pacific Food Drive Door Hanger -Once again this year the club is participating in Jesuit’s food drive. We hope that this will allow the girls to experience the true spirit of Christmas bringing hope and joy to families. Hopefully we will be building some club unity at the same time.

We use St. Vincent DePaul’s guidelines for adopting a family. Some of the specifics are listed below. The players are encouraged to go door to door in their neighborhoods canvassing for the food. This adds a personal touch and allows more people to contribute to the needs of metro area. Girls should not canvass alone and only with the permission and guidance of an adult. It is better to not wait as many other groups will be canvassing such as the Boy’s & Girl’s scouts, youth groups, etc. The girls will be given some ideas of what to say when they go canvassing. One of the easiest ways is to use the Pacific food drive door hanger  Pacific Food Drive Door Hanger. A colored flyer will be emailed to everyone. If you choose to raid your own pantry that is up to you but there is intrinsic benefit that comes from the canvassing.

FOOD: We would like to have the food & gifts brought into practice Sunday, (Date TBA). If each player brings in ½-1 box of non-perishable food that will more than meet the needs of our families. Any extra food will be donated to St. Vincent DePaul and distributed to local homeless shelters.

With your help our players will be making a difference.

Thank you,

Tim Massey and the entire Pacific Volley Ball Club Coaches & Staff



2012 Pacific Volleyball Club Adopt-A-Family Program