Greg Allen



Greg is a veteran 12’s coach at Pacific who focuses on the fundamentals of correct passing, serving, hitting, blocking and setting skills. He has been coaching Volleyball since 1993 both at Jesuit High School and at Pacific Volleyball Club.  He has coached at all levels (Varsity, JV, JV2) and at two key levels of Club volleyball (16’s and 12’s).  He brings years of experience teaching the basic skills of volleyball and shaping teams of diverse players while also possessing a depth of understanding concerning the game of volleyball and what young players need to develop skill-wise and understanding-wise as they move through their junior high and high school years of volleyball play.



Greg believes skills are learned and acquired through hard work, repetitive drilling, and learning of the fundamentals of volleyball and body dynamics.  He sees a player’s years in volleyball as developmental, building on one another in a progressive movement, deepening the player’s ability and love of the game as each season progresses.  At the 12’s level, his coaching style is more drill-based to ensure proper techniques and skills are infused into the player’s muscle memory as well as her mental memory.  As the season progresses, more work will be done on game fundamentals, strategies, and active play during practices.