Raishelle Everett




Raishelle has been coaching with Pacific Volleyball Club since she graduated High School in 2012. She has assisted in some way with all of the age divisions at the club but is currently the head coach of the 14 Typhoon team. Raishelle played three years as a varsity middle blocker at Wilsonville High School and was offered a scholarship to play in college. Raishelle started her club career at PVC in the 12′s age division but eventually found her home at Pacific VBC for her final year playing 18′s. Raishelle continues to play volleyball with her adult team in the PVA league and a sand team with Underdog.


While many teams focusing on the win loss ratio of a team, my focus is on the growth of the girls not only as players but also as people. I am a strong believer that any girl can learn to play any position. That height or body type does not define what a player should be. Hard work and perseverance is what makes a great volleyball player. To me a successful season is one where the girls become confident in their skills, their ability to accomplish whatever they set their mind to and learn what it means to be a part of a team. At the end of the day, it’s all about the girls!.