Roy Catibayan



Roy is the founder and director of our club. Roy is an extremely energetic coach whose love of the game, and love of his role as a coach is very visible. His fondness for the game started in the 4th grade in the Philippines. His playing days included Club ball through high school in Portland and playing in college. He started his coaching career as a coach for a women’s team in Portland. He was quickly recruited by Teresa Zimmerly of Jesuit HS to coach for the now defunct Crusader Volleyball Club, which she was a director of. In 1996, he reformed the club into what it is today.


Roy simply believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball. It should be noted that the “guaranteed playing time” policy of the club is his overriding policy. “No one should be made to sign up and pay for a spot on a team and be forced to simply sit and watch their team from the bench”… is a guiding principle that we operate by. His other mantra that he wants all of his players to follow,“…relentless pursuit of the ball” will guarantee that any team he coaches will be competitive at whatever level they play. He believes that all players should look back over their club ball years with fondness and good memories.